More Than Ever Technology is Ready to Change your Life

Technology continues to advance at an exponential rate. People like Ray Kurzweil, though they aren’t without their detractors, claim that in a few short decades the pace at which technology is advancing will surpass our ability to cope with it in our current form. Just a quick look over at a site like and see the lists for the functional uses of their technology. Futurists look at these types of technological advancements and predict that humans will have to begin to augment themselves just in order to stay relevant. What this means exactly is anyone’s guess -but you can already see the drive to create technologically advanced tools that fit seamlessly into the lives we already live. Wearable technology, although predicted well before the days of even Star Trek have seen an explosion of advancement in the last few years.

Small sensors are being placed in shoes, bracelets and even the lining of jackets that connect to software able to deliver extraordinary amounts of data. The effectiveness of your fitness routine can now be measured through steps and your heart rate. This same sort of technology can give doctors immediate updates on your condition from anywhere in the world. Someone with a good imagination can even see how these real-time readings can be used in the future to give sports fans incredibly detailed info on their favorite athletes while in a game.

It is only your vital signs that are being focused on. There are plenty of other technologies like augmented reality, self-defense mechanisms, security alerts, air and food content sensors and practically everything your smartphone can do – all being condensed to something that could be placed in a ring. We are soon hitting a point where a wave of our hand will create effects wholly indistinguishable from what magic was thought to be only a century ago.